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Written by HRWF   
Ukrainian gas pipes "The EU and Ukraine have common interests on energy issues", declared Ukrainian Ministry of Energy Sergey Pavlusha at a seminar organized in the European Parliament this Wednesday, September 10th, 2008.
In a well-attended conference, EU and Ukrainian representatives convened today for an hour-long exchange of view on the question of energy security. The topics ranged from security issues to modernization of infrastructures, or exportations to neighboring countries. Both public and private sector representatives were represented at this panel chaired by British MEP Giles CHICHESTER (EPP&ED/UK). Seating with him at the table, both Yurl BOYKO (Representing the Confederation of Industrialists of Ukraine) and Vitaly BUTENKO (Chief Strategy Officer at DTEK, the biggest energy producer in Ukraine) had a chance to express their hopes and expectations for the coming years. Directorate General for Energy and Transport Marjeta JAEGER ensured Ministry of Energy of the support of the Commission with respect to the current orientations of his government regarding energy policies.

Energy and Eastern Europe: this two hot-button issue gave way to a wide series of questions. Italian MEP Antonio de Blasio (EPP&ED/Hungary) inquired about the "desired legal security" for EU investors and citizens, a question that sparked a good deal of remarks. All the panelists showed an interest in the topic, and the Ministry of Energy mentioned that Ukraine had started to adapt its legislation to the EU in order to ease communication between countries.

One day after the end of the EU/Ukraine summit, which took place in Paris, the statement of MEP Charles Tannock (EPP&ED/UK) garnered much attention. Commenting on the recent decision to grant a status of "associate member" to the EU to Ukraine, the British MEP called it a "disappointing outcome", and urged the EU to foster dialogue so as to make Ukraine a candidate to the integration in a nearby future. He also mentioned the visa-free travel issue, now under discussion for years. However, this protracted issue might not find any easy resolution, since negotiations are still "in progress", according to a Ukrainian official present at the meeting.